About Us

Welcome to Ragdoll Island! My name is Chèrie, and I Love Ragdoll cats. Ragdoll Island is a place where you will find the most Magical, Beautiful, Amazing cats you’ve ever known.  I got my first Ragdoll as a pet and fell completely in Love with the breed. I’ve had cats all my life and found the Ragdoll to be pure Magic. The personality that a Ragdoll has is like no other breed of cat I’ve known.. Ragdolls follow you from room to room, they absolutely Love attention and affection. Everything you ever read about the Ragdoll Cat is TRUE!


I  started showing and breeding Ragdolls in 2006 and my breeding program is truly my passion. I have several Ragdoll babies that are certified therapy cats and even been on the news. My ragdolls come with a 2 year Genetic Health Guarantee and have tested negative for PKD and other genetic diseases. My Studs and Queens have been DNA tested for the mutated HCM Gene (Ragdolls are known carriers).


I have worked hard to perfect the health and blood lines of my cats and kittens. My Ragdolls are EXTRA Floppy and Extremely laid back.. Sometimes it’s hard to pick them up because they are so relaxed/limp. Its crazy… If you are interested in becoming owned (yes, I said owned) by a Ragdoll, get on our waiting list and reserve a Ragdoll baby today.. You will forever be changed by the Ragdoll cat, just as I am.

We offer our Ragdoll babies in Florida and Nebraska.

One last thing.. Ragdolls are completely Addictive and the Island Can’t be held responsible for multiple adoptions.  🙂